London Diamonds Says They’re Leading the Lab Diamond Revolution



London-based diamond dealer and bespoke jeweller, London Diamonds, says they’re not like other jewellers. Few can boast over 70,000 devoted followers on Instagram, or their ability to offer both lab-grown or natural mined diamonds to clients.

This London-based business now makes around 1% of all the engagement rings purchased in the UK, but as MD, James Sanders, comments, “Whilst we are proud of this, it means that 99% of people are buying elsewhere, so we are not resting on our laurels.”

The jewellery industry is required to change with brand name mark-ups and a lack of transparency leading to most people overpaying. Millennials spend around 28% more on jewellery than any other age group. So, the focus for London Diamonds is on a more efficient structure and less reliance on dated aspirational marketing. It seems to have paid off handsomely.

As an industry disruptor, London Diamonds has led the charge for a more ethical and less costly, in both human and financial terms, an alternative to naturally mined diamonds. Recognizing that both have huge appeal, they offer both, the final choice resting with the client.

A state-of-the-art workshop in London with over 20 specialist staff means that if a client can imagine it, it can be created.

Favoured for their fair pricing and “bang for the buck” lab-grown diamond sales have surged. They cost around 30% to 40% less than “natural” mined diamonds, but they are visually and chemically identical. They are also graded for their clarity, cut and colour in the same way, enticing a younger, more environmentally aware audience to consider them. This audience finds London Diamonds on Instagram rather than glossy advertisements or billboards.

With such a strong presence on social media and no physical shops, one might assume that a human element might be missing.

But’s it not the case.

Throughout the whole process of making their bespoke pieces, customers can speak, question, and meet with the London Diamonds team at their London offices. This creates the perfect mix of both modern efficiency and genuine human touch.

With unmatched customer satisfaction rates and reviews further validating their approach, London Diamonds looks set to lead the charge in both natural and lab-grown diamonds in 2021.