Marisa Collections debuts the radiance by couture




Marissa Collections, the fashion boutique and online destination for fine jewelry, is announcing the launch of The Radiance by COUTURE, a showcase of capsule diamond jewelry collections from 13 BIPOC designers. The Radiance is the culmination of a mentorship program created by COUTURE’S Diversity Action Council (DAC) with the support of De Beers Group. Each of the 13 designers was provided with diamonds with De Beers Code of Origin to feature in their collections.
“We are thrilled to launch The Radiance by COUTURE at Marissa Collections online,” said Jay Hartington, CEO of Marissa Collections. “We take great joy in continually introducing our clients to fresh and exciting talent, and the pieces by these 13 radiant designers showcase exceptional design and impeccable craftsmanship. We are confident that the stories behind the work, coupled with their use of fully traceable Code of Origin diamonds from De Beers, will be compelling to our loyal following of discerning collectors.”

The Radiance designers are Angely Martinez; Ashley Thorne of A.M. Thorne; Jules Kim of Bijules;  Kassandra Gordon of KLG Jewellery; Khadijah Fulton of White/Space; Lola Oladunjoye of Lola Fenhirst; Lorraine West; Maggi Simpkins; Melanie Eddy; Olivia Shih, Sara Bautista of Common Rite Supply;  Viviana Langhoff; and Zulaikha Aziz of Mazahri.

“Marissa Collections is an ideal platform for showcasing the work of The Radiance by COUTURE,” said Gannon Brousseau, Director of COUTURE & Executive Vice President at Emerald. “Marissa Collections has a well-earned reputation for introducing designers who have gone on to become some of the biggest names in designer fine jewelry. Their commitment to aligning with exceptional talent and nurturing the success of the brands with whom they partner is unprecedented and highly commendable.”

The Radiance by COUTURE pieces include a range of unique and innovative designs, from traditional studs and solitaire rings to convertible drop earrings, handlets, and even a grill. All feature responsibly sourced natural diamonds set in precious metals.  Many of the 56 pieces also incorporate semi-precious stones such as opal, lapis lazuli, and turquoise. The collections are priced between $1,950 and $30,000.

“These incredibly talented designers have created jewelry that is meaningful, dynamic and resonant,” noted Sally Morrison, Director of PR, Natural Diamonds at De Beers Group. “De Beers is passionate about and deeply committed to the DAC’s mission to help create a more diverse, inclusive and equitable jewelry community. We are proud to support this important program.”