Michael Fallah, CEO & Founder of Michael Arthur Diamonds shaking up the online jewellery world



It’s no secret that the Covid pandemic has wiped out many businesses across the globe. With the impact it’s had on companies, many business owners have been forced to impose redundancies and it is further expected to see many businesses facing closure due to uncertainty.
On the contrary, iconic brand Michael Arthur Diamonds has continued to grow impressively, despite the challenges Covid provided. Entrepreneur and CEO Michael Fallah had created a new award-winning ring builder & website.
This innovative idea reflects the company’s steady growth. In fact, the addition of this unique online ordering option for custom engagement rings has bumped up sales and profits are skyrocketing. The easy-to-use, personalized ring builder took 7 months and a huge capital of $70,000 to fully function. The ring builder is one of a kind for the industry, which usually requires time-consuming custom estimates. The online ring builder has over 40,000 images and currently holds a stock of over $20 million in live Diamonds. Once a dream ring is built, one is able to select a diamond of their choice, then the final amount for the unique piece will show instantaneously.
“We have successfully kept our growth intact, even during the pandemic. At the same time, we have focused on being the most innovative brand in our industry,” explains Michael. “With the pandemic’s ripple effect still disrupting global businesses, we are more committed to providing our ever-growing customer base with world-class customer service. With the assistance of our dedicated team, we pride ourselves on our 5-star customer service.”
Michael Arthur Diamonds are an award-winning jewelry brand led by an entrepreneur who believes in the art of creating masterpieces through traditional techniques. While also utilizing modern technology. The brand boasts a large social media following on Instagram of over 350,000 followers. Their distinct contemporary and sleek designs have made them stand out of the pack and appeal to the modern and minimalistic buyer. Their calling by Daily Mail to discuss Margot Robbie’s ring is the recognition of their unparalleled talent and unrivalled expertise in the industry.