NCDIA Announces 2017 Board of Directors Election Results


The Natural Color Diamond Association (NCDIA) has announced the results of its 2017 Board of Directors Election.


Alan Bronstein of Aurora Gems was elected president of NCDIA. Newly elected Board member Jose Batista of Rio Diamond Corp. was elected vice-president. Breanne Wittrock, a current member of the Board, was re-elected as vice-president. Scott West of LJ West, also a current member of the Board, was elected secretary and treasurer.


Directors of the 2017 NCDIA Board include, Jordan Fine of JFine Inc., Sean Moore of Borsheims, and Marc Solomon of Solomon’s Jewelers.


The Directors-elect, who will take office in January 2017, will participate in Board meetings through the end of the year.


Incoming President Alan Bronstein said, “I am honored to be selected as the new President of Natural Color Diamond Association. It is clear that the focus for growth in our organization, our industry and the natural diamond world we are passionate about, is the education of the public, to liberate prejudices and conditioned notions of beauty and desire.”


NCDIA would like to recognize Jeffrey Post of Gem Platinum for his exemplary years of service as a member of the Board. He has served as president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer.


“I would like to thank the members of the NCDIA as well as the board for the trust that was provided me in guiding theNCDIA on its new direction and wish everyone involved great success in moving forward and making the NCDIA a vital component of the gem and jewelry industry,” said Post.


The NCDIA holds elections on a rotating cycle so that experienced Board members are able to provide the needed cohesion to keep the association’s programs on track while working towards new goals at the same time.