Nigaam Launches an Innovative, Fashion-Forward New Collection Featuring Colored Rhodium




Renowned design house Nigaam Jewels has debuted a cutting-edge, vibrant new collection.
The Nigam brothers  multi-generational family business began as a gemstone supplier. Though they’ve since expanded to become a premier jewelry manufacturer, they remain guided by a passion for colored gemstones. These colorful roots are visible in each and every Nigaam design, including the new Serpens Collection.
This coordinated suite of pieces is inspired by serpent motifs, including vivid color palettes and snakelike wraparound styles. “The serpent theme has been a sought-after fashion staple for modern jewelry collections for years,” said Prateek Nigam, co-owner of Nigaam Jewels. “It’s clear that these styles are here to stay, which is why we sought to create something both trendy and timeless with this new collection.”
The Nigaam design team experimented with plenty of materials before landing on a pioneering technique involving colored rhodium. Rhodium, a highly reflective platinum group element, has long been used to enhance the luster and shine of jewelry metals. Adding color to the rhodium, Nigam says, “enabled us to capture the rich, saturated aesthetic we were seeking with the Serpens Collection.” In addition to colored rhodium, pieces from the Serpens Collection feature 18k white and yellow gold, along with all-natural, hand-sourced diamonds and gemstones.
The vision behind the Serpens Collection, however, goes beyond aesthetics. As demand for colorful, bold jewelry continues to soar, the Nigam brothers created a collection that is both aspirational and attainable for the average fine jewelry customer.