Pandora inspires women to ‘see the wonderful’ with new campaign


In tandem with Pandora’s new autumn collection, the jewellery brand has released a new campaign titled “DO See the Wonderful” in collaboration with three photographers, Meredith Jenks, Liz Sunshine, and Sandra Semburg. For the campaign, the photographers were asked to take photos of women to commemorate the everyday moments of life.

“At Pandora we want women to celebrate all the wonderful things they and other women do each day because these moments represent important fragments of their multifaceted lives. Pandora jewellery can act as a symbol of these everyday achievements and the things we cherish,” says Minna Phillipson, Pandora’s chief marketing officer and senior vice-president.

Inspiration behind the campaign came from a global study that explained how 80 per cent of women are inspired by everyday photography that captures day-to-day life.

According to Pandora, this season is geared to celebrating the little details and giving women the opportunity to see “the wonderful in themselves” through their jewellery and their inspirational campaign.