Paris Jewellers stores across Canada launch Engagement Ring Cam


Paris Jewellers has taken the engagement ring shopping experience to a new level by becoming the preferred Canadian Provider of the “Ring Cam.” This innovative product, which uses a hidden camera to intimately capture marriage proposals, will allow couples to better record, share and relive their engagement experience.

“The engagement ring cam is an innovative and meaningful opportunity to celebrate our customer’s story on a whole new level,” says Erin Hazen, marketing manager at Paris Jewellers. “We are thrilled to offer this to our customers, so that they can relive this cherished moment for a lifetime.”

A small button located at the top of the ring box activates the hidden camera, which records high definition footage and audio from a wide-angle lens at the vantage point of the ring. After the proposal, users may return the box to Paris Jewellers, where the video is sent for editing and saved for the couple.

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