Mrs. Lise Petitpas’ retirement, General Director of the Quebec Jewellers Corporation


A message by Habib Malo, President of the Quebec Jewellers Corporation:

After 32 years of loyal services, Lise Petitpas has announced her intention to leave the Corporation in order to enjoy a very well-deserved retirement. Lise joined the Corporation in 1985. She left her mark with the CBQ coming with her strong experience in management; organization of commercial exhibitions and corporate events.During all those years, she not only saw to the destiny, together with the Board, of the CBQ but ensured its viability.

In the course of the years, Lise managed complex files on behalf of the members of the CBQ – let us think of the jewellers’ obligations in matters of money laundering, excise tax, harmonized sales tax, or the opening hours of retail businesses and the creation of a label for the Quebec Jewellers.

Mrs. Marie Christine Bujold has been hired to continue the day to day operations pursuant to Lise’s departure at the end of August.

She shall be administrative assistant at the CBQ namely responsible for the Bijouterie Newsletter, as well as the Expo Prestige.

The whole executive team shall continue to service our members from our new offices which shall be in Lachine, Quebec at the beginning of September.

In the name of all of the members of the Board and its team – and above all  in the name of approximately 500 members of the CBQ – The Quebec Jewellers’ Association wishes to thank wholeheartedly Lise for all the work accomplished in order to promote the our interests and ensure the growth of our industry regrouping mainly independent businesses.

The Quebec Jewellers’ Association has had the immense pleasure of working in collaboration with Lise and her personnel, and I wish, in my own name,  to thank her for all the efforts that she has made during all those years. She has ensured continuity and stability for the Corporation, and with passion, energy and professionalism. We are greatly indebted.

In closing, I wish to offer Lise my best wishes for a pleasant life ahead and hope that she enjoys a beautiful and lengthy retirement.


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