Preserving the Vision

Preserving the Vision

Sauro Jewellery’s relaunch five years ago by its new owners, headed by the Sapir, Dana, and Sedazzari families also brought a rebranding focus for the now 30-year-old Italian jeweller.

By Rob Shaw

Over the last few years, the Sauro brand’s design roots were redeveloped utilizing more modern alternative materials like titanium, carbon and rubber in design, which clicked very well with the demographic they serve—exclusively men’s jewellery. This suited the history of the brand known for its technical expertise and unique creativity as a jewellery manufacturer.

According to Director of Brand Development, Johnny Sapir, “Technical precision has always been a number one priority for Sauro. Materials and designs may change over time but our clientele knows our attention to detail does not change.”

Sauro, known for its patented chain style continues to stand out from the crowd with their truly unique designs. This is a conscious choice as Sapir said, “We have chains that no one else in the world has and nobody else in the world can make. We create certain styles just to be special, to be different.”

Sauro Italia Gioielli Oltre was originally founded by engineer Ivo Sedazzari in Italy with his vision of creating functional jewellery designed with innovation and artistry. Their technical expertise in manufacturing stems from Sedazzari, who as an engineer by trade, developed the expert functionality of the mechanisms still used in Sauro jewellery today, while being carried forward by his sons Jacopo and Cosimo.

Sapir has found the biggest challenge facing the industry now is appealing to the unique buying habits of consumers in different regions. “The market is very difficult because things are constantly changing and what may work in Los Angeles, works here a year later, or vice versa,” he explains. “We have to bounce our products around and the challenge is constantly trying to adapt to the current market.”

The redevelopment of their web site has helped the brand make inroads into other markets through dealerships with the most exclusive retailers. “Sauro is such a niche; it’s high-end men’s jewellery, so there’s always a small market everywhere,” he says. “It’s not necessary to be in every store but it’s necessary to be in the timeless, fashion forward, and trendsetting stores.”

The Sauro brand has grown along with men’s revived interest in unique luxury jewellery and which today allows men to accessorize with or without timepieces. Sauro offers numerous rings and necklaces in addition to their bracelets to complement most any fashion need, casual or formal, contemporary or classic.