Provocative fine jewelry styles by KIL N.Y.C



The Agape Sword Pendant and Earrings, and the Cupid’s Arrows pendant—for your editorial consideration.

Inspired by the Jabot, a brooch designed to showcase both decorative or jewel encrusted ends, The Agape Sword pendant, our new sword, still captures the values of the KIL N.Y.C. brand.

“We are very much inspired by antique jewelry, specifically antique jeweled swords, as well as their ability to blend the masculine imagery of the sword with the gentleness of the hearts and the sparkle of a gemstone.”

The Agape Sword Earrings were developed to allow the wearer to show off both the hilt and scabbard’s hand carved designs. KIL N.Y.C. tried and tested numerous versions of the design before releasing them, to ensure it both looks great, and stays put.

The Cupid’s Arrows Pendant has a witch’s heart motif, which is an old Scottish symbol for protection. It uses reclaimed metal, and the piece is cast in NYC. Each of the blood drops are garnet briolettes, with hand cut gemstones, and 10% of the proceeds from each Cupid’s Arrows pendant is donated to the Joyful Heart Foundation (, which envisions a world free of sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse.

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