RFID set to transform world of retail jewellery


While it sounds like something out of the Space Age, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) may be the answer your retail business needs. And, as a result of a new partnership between Hong Kong–based Myndar Americas and Pac Team Group’s PT Next technology division, RFID is now available to North American jewellers.


Also known as smart tags, Myndar’s technology offers a reportedly unprecedented approach to RFID. While traditional bar codes require individual scanning, RFID allows tags to be read simultaneously, enabling retailers to efficiently take the inventory of an entire store and receive product information within minutes.


According to Myndar, its partnership with Pac Team Group’s PT Next will allow the company to “infuse [its] technology seamlessly within retail environments and fixturing without disrupting the brand’s visual presentation.”


What’s more, Myndar has developed a presentation tray embedded with RFID technology.


“The tray recognizes when items are out of the case and if one is floating,” Eric Zuckerman, president of PT Next and Pac Team Group told JCK. “Anyone in retail knows keeping track of product and who’s holding it can be frustrating. This data is being captured and stored. I can see this bracelet keeps coming out of the case but nobody’s buying it—before I just knew nobody was buying it.”


For more information, visit myndaramericas.com.


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