Rich Past Thriving Present Bright Future

Rich Past Thriving Present Bright Future

A look at Vantyghem Diamonds as they celebrate their 45th anniversary

by Michelle deVries

photography by Joseph Hofer

Arlette and Ralph Vantyghem grew up among the diamond cutters of Belgium. The diamond business was a natural fit for the couple. Bringing the expertise of Antwerp to Canada, they started Vantyghem Diamonds in 1973. With support from Canadian independent jewellers, the business expanded nationwide.

The art of the diamond runs in the family. After achieving an undergraduate degree in biology, Kevin Vantyghem successfully invested six years honing his business expertise in pharmaceutical trade before carrying on the Vantyghem diamond legacy. Completing the GIA diamond graduate course, he equipped himself with valuable hands-on experience in Antwerp, Belgium—where it all began. Kevin’s background and over 10 years as part of Vantyghem Diamonds have given him confidence, experience, and a fresh perspective.

But the jewel in the Vantyghems’ crown isn’t the gems themselves—it’s their customers. The highest value is placed on relationships, built over years of working together. They honour their commitment to accommodate the needs of each individually. Friendship and trust are the highest rewards.

That’s why the Diamond Certification and Authentication Plate System™ was created. Each Canadian diamond is presented with a uniquely engraved plate, displaying its grading information. Both the jeweller and the customer are equipped with all the relevant information at their fingertips. By innovating and improving their experience, Vantyghem Diamonds is setting customers up for success.

The Vantyghems are pioneers of “branded” diamonds. Reflective of their roots, the first brand was named after the diamond capital of the world—the Antwerp Ideal™, launched in 2000. These diamonds are cut to exact proportions to optimize the gem’s colour dispersion and refractive index. Mastering both math and design, Vantyghem Diamonds created a diamond of unequaled beauty, the perfect balance of brilliance and fire.

From the strong partnerships they’ve established come diamonds from all over the world, with cutters and suppliers from Antwerp, Mumbai, New York, or Hong Kong. Still, many Vantyghem diamonds are locally sourced from Dominion Diamonds, Rio Tinto, and De Beers, all established Canadian mines. Each diamond has a story—a history and a future—and the Vantyghem family is dedicated to create a legacy for each one.
That’s the joy of diamonds. There’s the incomparable, natural beauty of the stone. And there’s everything it represents: a gift, an occasion, a milestone. Passion. The experience of receiving such a token is exceeded only by the joy of giving it away.

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