Rolex Acquires Luxury Retailer Bucherer in Strategic Global Expansion


In an unexpected turn of events, Rolex, Switzerland’s premier watch brand, has announced its acquisition of the esteemed luxury retailer, Bucherer. This acquisition, which has taken the industry by surprise, is set to significantly enhance Rolex’s global footprint.

While the financial details of the transaction remain undisclosed, Rolex has confirmed that the integration of Bucherer into the Rolex Group will be finalized upon receiving the green light from competition regulatory bodies.

The decision to sell Bucherer came from Jorg Bucherer himself, due to the absence of direct heirs to take over the business. Responding to this, Rolex, headquartered in Geneva, stated on August 24th, “In light of Jorg Bucherer’s decision to divest his company, Rolex has chosen to bring the independent watch retailer under its wing.”

This acquisition underscores Rolex’s commitment to preserving the longstanding relationship between the two brands, which dates back to 1924. Their collaborative history, spanning over nine decades, has been marked by mutual growth and shared successes.

Rolex, under the aegis of the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation, has a unique retail strategy. The brand owns and operates a singular store located in Geneva, relying on authorized retailers globally for its distribution.

Bucherer, headquartered in Lucerne, boasts an impressive portfolio of luxury watch brands. With a retail presence in countries including Switzerland, the US, England, Germany, France, Denmark, and Austria, Bucherer operates over 100 sales outlets worldwide. Notably, 53 of these outlets distribute Rolex watches, while 48 offer Rolex’s more affordable Tudor line.

Having been an official Rolex retailer since 1924, Bucherer also serves as an authorized after-sales service centre for both Rolex and Tudor, complete with watch repair workshops.

This strategic move is anticipated to fortify Rolex’s position in the global luxury watch market, leveraging Bucherer’s extensive retail network.