Ron Wilkin Jewellers Celebrates their 50th anniversary


Ron Wilkin Jewellers has established themselves in the industry as a jeweller that honours family traditions and understands the large part they play in their customer’s lives, which they attribute to the success of their business in downtown Fergus.

“I attribute our longevity to our customer service,” says Ron Wilkin’s son, Graham. “Dad is very genuine and he would make things right no matter what. We do the same. Our customers come first. That’s our whole motto.”

In 2006, Graham and his wife took over the family business and have maintained the excellent customer service that Graham was brought up with when he joined the family business 10 years prior.

“Graham grew up watching his parents work so he learned from them,” explains Graham’s wife Amy. “Everyone remembers their customer service and Graham grew up with that example.”

“Honesty, integrity, fairness and quality – those are key to our customer service,” says Graham about the beliefs that stand behind the business.

Graham’s father started in the jewellery business at the young age of 14, when he worked as an apprentice in watchmaking. “He was working at the lower shop at Beatty (Brothers Ltd.) and was doing watches at night and weekends” explains Graham.

After a lay-off at Beatty’s, Ron decided to start his own business in 1960 that took a lot of courage. To this day, Graham still deals with the supplier that gave them business at their first store in Arthur, along with many others that Ron has built strong connections with.

After working alone for years, Ron decided to push forward and bought out a retiring jewellery business, to what is now known as Ron Wilkin Jewellers.

Along the way, the business has established long-lasting connections with their suppliers and customers that Amy attributes to their noteworthy success.

“It is really that customer loyalty factor,” Amy said. “We have customers who will return here to shop for the big purchases, the items that you really want someone you trust to help you with.”

To set themselves apart from their competitors, Ron Wilkin Jewellers pride themselves on providing excellent customer service that creates longer customer lifecycles.

“We provide better customer service; a more personalized feeling,” describes Graham.

Along with selling watches, custom jewellery, diamond jewellery, and personal pieces, the business is also involved with repairs.

“With repairs trust is the big issue and we take that very seriously,” Graham said. “Our repair shop is very busy.”

Since their inception, the company has expanded exponentially, including an extended showroom. Since, the business has established new locations, most recently opening Wilkin Engraving.

From September 19-23, the company hosted a week-long event to celebrate their 50th anniversary—a milestone they happily shared with their loyal customers and their community.

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