Sarah Jessica Parker Settles $6 Million Jewellery Lawsuit


Kat Florence had sued star for allegedly breaking an endorsement agreement.

Sarah Jessica Parker has settled a duelling lawsuits case involving a jewellery line.

According to The Blast, the Sex and the City star has come to an agreement with jewellery designer Kat Florence after their legal battle.

Florence has filed documents informing the court a settlement has been reached.

As previously reported, Kat Florence Design sued Parker, 53, for allegedly breaking an endorsement agreement and refusing to return jewellery.

Parker fired back by claiming the company had abruptly stopped making quarterly payments.

Now Florence has told the court that attorneys for both sides recently met to try and resolve the case before trial.

“The parties were able to reach an agreement as to most of the issues involved,” it stated in the court filing.

“Although there are a few additional details that need to be agreed upon, the parties are very close to resolving the matter and have in fact been exchanging drafts of a Settlement Agreement.”

The battle began after the actress had agreed to license her name and likeness for a new jewellery line’s marketing purposes in exchange for $7.5 million dollars.

The company claimed she failed to return jewellery that had a value of $149,501.96.

However, Parker’s amended response and counterclaim filed on October 15, 2018, she alleged the company “abruptly and without notice or explanation stopped making its quarterly payments to Ms. Parker.”

Although, Florence said Parker made it difficult to schedule events, as well as refusing to attend other promotional events and put her acting career above plugging the line.

Parker claimed Florence had made unreasonable demands and counter-sued Florence for $6 million in damages, alleging she was owed money on the contract.

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