Shining through: Chandigarh’s jewellery designer Pavit Gujral creates history



Pavit Gujral – Crab Earrings
The Crab Earrings have been set in 18K gold with 22.90cts heart brilliant Tanzanites, 10.49cts orange Sapphires, 2.50cts pink Sapphires, 0.68cts yellow Sapphires and 6.16cts Diamonds. As totems, Crabs are symbols of intuitive nature, perseverance, self-sufficient behaviour and sensitivity.

Pavit Gujral – Langur Earrings
The Langur Earrings have been set in 18K Gold with Pear Brilliant Morganite Beryls, Tahitian Pearls, Princess-cut Diamonds, round Brilliant Diamonds and Orange Sapphires. Inspired by India’s leaping Langurs that can be holy, helpful or even pesky, these are one of Pavit’s most playful earrings!

Designer @ pavitgujraldesigns

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