Shree Ramkrishna Exports Leads Sustainable Future in Diamond Industry with Groundbreaking ‘Pure Impact’ Report


In a landmark move for the gem and jewellery sector, Shree Ramkrishna Exports (SRK), a global leader in diamond craftsmanship, has unveiled its pioneering ‘Pure Impact’ Sustainability Report. This comprehensive document marks a significant stride towards achieving a net-zero carbon footprint in the industry, aligning with both the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and the Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTi).

The report, a first of its kind from SRK, underscores the company’s unwavering commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles and corporate social responsibility. It details SRK’s ambitious journey towards net-zero emissions, showcasing a series of initiatives that span education, healthcare, community welfare, employee empowerment, sustainability, and decarbonization.

A Six-Decade Legacy Transcending Diamonds

For over 60 years, SRK has been at the forefront of not just diamond crafting but also in championing social and environmental causes. The company’s vision extends beyond business, focusing on creating a sustainable and zero-emissions future for India and the world. This vision is encapsulated in SRK’s detailed net-zero roadmap, which is in harmony with the UN SDGs and the SBTi.

In a significant partnership with the Global Network for Zero, SRK has pledged to achieve net-zero certification for its flagship diamond crafting facilities, SRK Empire and SRK House, by 2024. This ambitious target is set six years ahead of the UN’s framework goals. Key strategies to reach this milestone include the development of an off-site solar power plant, transitioning to an electric vehicle fleet, and undertaking extensive tree planting over 200 acres.

Impressive Achievements and Forward-Thinking Initiatives

SRK’s ‘Pure Impact’ report highlights several notable achievements and ongoing initiatives:

  • Annually allocating 4.5% of net profits to community welfare, positively impacting 3.5 million lives through healthcare initiatives.
  • Investing $3.5 million USD in solar projects, benefiting employees, veterans, and entire villages.
  • Attaining LEED Platinum certification for SRK House and SRK Empire, ranking them among the top five LEED-certified buildings globally for operational performance.
  • Launching the 2023 SRK Sustainability Conclave to empower Indian business leaders with effective net-zero strategies.
  • Enhancing educational opportunities for over 60,000 students, including specialized training at SRK’s authorized centres.
  • Introducing ‘The Footprints’, a trailblazing traceability feature for ethical mineral mining and sustainable sourcing.
  • Funding the construction of 100 dams in the Saurashtra region.
  • Achieving certified membership with the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), aligning with UN SDGs in the diamond sector.

A Visionary Leader’s Perspective

Shri Govind Dholakia, Founder and Chairman of SRK Exports, emphasizes the diamond industry’s potential to significantly contribute to global net-zero objectives. “Decarbonization is the crown jewel of our efforts, impacting every aspect of our lives, from infrastructure and health to agriculture and quality of life,” he states. “We are leveraging every resource at our disposal to safeguard our staff, the planet, and communities in India and beyond. The initiatives in this report are just the beginning of our journey.”

As SRK leads the way in sustainable practices, its ‘Pure Impact’ report sets a new standard for the diamond industry, highlighting the company’s role as a catalyst for positive change in the pursuit of a greener, more responsible future.