Stuller acquires De Beers’ diamond screening device


Stuller Inc. has joined the list of companies using De Beers’ Automated Melee Screening device to detect lab-grown diamonds. Other companies that use the detecting machine in clude Mumbai-based Kiram Gems, as well as Tasaki and Rosy Blue from Japan. The device screens stones that are anywhere between 1 point (1.3 mm) and 20 points (3.8 mm) in size.

Stanley Zale, Stuller VP of diamonds and gemstones, told the National Jeweller that the machine was received two weeks ago and that the company intends to use it for its own inventory only, and not for customers. The company also does HRD-D screening on diamonds that are 20 points and larger to check for synthetics. The screening allows to detect if it’s a Type IIa diamond, which is mostly lab-grown diamonds, so that the diamond can be sent to a grading laboratory for further testing.

“This is an insurance policy for the integrity of our business,” says Zale.