Survey shows Quebec residents not as familiar with Target


A survey with 1,000 female participants living near Target stores in Canada showed that 23.7 per cent of Quebec residents had never shopped at a Target store in the U.S. This suggests that Quebec residents are less accustomed to Target stores than the rest of Canada. Besides Quebec, 54.4 of the participants of the survey said that they have shopped at a Target store in the U.S., while 77 per cent of the participants in Manitoba noted that they have also done so. In B.C., that number was 62 per cent.

Despite Quebec residents’ lack of knowledge of the Target brands, 52 per cent of those who shopped at a Target store at least once in the last year rated their experience as good or very good.

“Many Quebecers don’t know what to make of Target at this point. This is both an issue and an opportunity for Target,” Eric Blais, president of Headspace Marketing Inc., told Toronto Star. “The data suggest that Quebecers are giving Target the benefit of the doubt despite rating their experience so far not as favourably as Canadians in the rest of Canada,” he concluded. CJ