Swiss report shows growing demand for red diamonds


Swiss rare mineral investment advisory DeVanx Assets has released a report to show that demand for red diamonds has increased among investors. Value for red diamonds has tripled in the past decade, as experts say that a red diamond investment can command up to $2.5 million per carat.

A highly anticipated red diamond event is Rio Tinto’s annual Argyle tender, which has a bidding war over the Argyle Cardinal, a rare red 1.2 carat diamond with 3 red diamonds and 51 argyle pink and purple-red diamonds.

“The careful review and selection of an investment grade red diamond is critical to enjoy the highest ROI for these stones,” DeVanx Assets CEO Paula Vance told the Digital Journal. “While certainly beautiful and precious, not all red diamonds are of investment quality. The best in red diamonds have become a new asset class offering stable value appreciation and low volatility, and are an excellent inflation hedge and substitute for gold and other precious metals.” CJ

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