Telling your own story with Astra jewellery

Telling your own story

Designer and retailer Astra gives jewellery a deeply personal touch

By Andrew Flynn

As Astra tells it, the New Zealand-based designer has its roots in the same romantic and intimate inspiration that brings its jewellery to life.

“One night four good friends sat beneath the stars,” Astra proclaims in its self-introduction.

“As a million glittering points shone over their heads, we each felt like they were quietly speaking the stories that shaped our lives. Wouldn’t it be incredible, we wondered, if we could let the people of the world share this feeling?”

Since 2013, Astra has been making deeply personal jewellery that lets the buyer create unique pieces that reflect their memories and experiences – focusing on special moments in a woman’s life, symbolizing stories and feelings they relate to particular milestones or occasions.

Soon, Astra will be coming to Canada. In September, the brand will begin sales through a distributor based in the heart of Canada with a dedicated Canadian sales and support team.

“Everyone has a story,” according to Astra.

That story began with the dazzling New Zealand night sky and has grown to embrace a multitude of themes and designs that capture the essence of the

Astra’s necklace, ring, bangle and earring collections focus on the milestones in a woman’s life that matter most. They tell stories that hit the big moments: Love, Family, Birthday, Anniversary, Passion/Hobby, Faith/Luck and Wedding.

Every piece of Astra jewellery comes with the name of its design engraved, linking the piece to its full story. The Storybook packaging of each Astra piece comes with a story card that keeps customers connected with the story their jewellery is telling.

An Astra jewellery story is built by collecting a range of different pieces available in a choice of shapes and surrounds, layered together for a multi-wear look.

To ensure that its story collections will stand the test of time, Astra collections are hand made from solid gold, sterling silver or stainless steel. They also feature crystal lenses and dancing cubic zirconia stones. Silver items are 14K gold- and rhodium-plated.

“We believe that every story should be encased in the highest quality materials to make it through a lifetime of love,” the company says.

They’re also waterproof – “made to be lived in,” as Astra says.

The company has enjoyed success well outside of its home base in New Zealand. After expanding into United Kingdom, the company has received accolades for the originality of its concept and the beauty of its designs. After just six short weeks Astra opened 80 accounts in the UK & Ireland, with the number now surpassing 100.

Retailers have told the company they are impressed by the story and elements of personalization behind each piece, as well as the competitive price points that make it an ideal gifting product.

The company won the prestigious CMJ Dragons Den 2017 in the United Kingdom and was recognized by CMJ as the brand to have the most commercial potential. It was also named a finalist in the Brand to Watch category at the UK Jewellery Awards for 2018.

Most recently, it has won the Emerging Jewellery Brand of the Year category at the 2018 PJ Awards.

Here’s a closer look at the personal stories that Astra jewellery can be customized to communicate:


Keep those close to you even closer with pieces that connect with loved ones. Collect them and style together to create your unique family story.


Celebrate special milestones and keep those memories close to your heart.


Capture glittering moments on your big day by completing your wedding theme with ASTRA’s coloured range to suit. Make it a dream and wear these delicate pieces for all to remember.


Hold close what you believe and value in every moment of life’s journey. Show how much they mean to you with personalized pieces from ASTRA.


Show how your love has grown with personalized pieces for each moment—special for both you and them.


Be true to yourself and wear your passion as a reminder of who you are and what you love.


Celebrate these special milestones with ASTRA jewellery. Reflect on the different ways your love continues to grow and capture it with personalized pieces.