The Newest Metal plans for Canada are aimed for a Competitive, Sustainable and Responsible Minerals and Metals Sector


Canada’s Mines Ministers Announce the Canadian Minerals and Metals Plans and point to how they “are proud to announce the release of the Canadian Minerals and Metals Plan (CMMP)”. The Mines Minister spokesperson says “We believe that the CMMP will become a milestone in the history of Canadian mining—for what it offers today and for how it can be applied in the future.”

The ministers point to how Canada is a country rich in mineral resources and call for action in saying, “we share a duty to ensure that Canada is developing these resources in ways that are competitive and sustainable. This means paying close attention to social, Indigenous and environmental considerations, while leveraging Canada’s advantage as an attractive place to invest and do business.”

Moreover, The CMMP is described as forward-looking and aims to cover those issues that are key to a successful and modern minerals and metals industry: competitiveness; the participation of Indigenous Peoples; community benefits; respect for the environment; scientific and technological innovation; and, global leadership.

Discussions to inform the CMMP – with groups as diverse as innovation experts, Indigenous Peoples, non-governmental organizations, private companies, industry associations, and youth – generated hundreds of ideas and confirmed that Canadians value the role that mining plays in our economy and in their daily lives.

As Ministers responsible for mines, The CMMP state that they “are committed to keeping this Plan evergreen to support a competitive, sustainable and responsible minerals and metals industry for generations to come.”

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