Thunder Bay amethyst online shop creates buzz


A British jeweller has taken it upon himself to supply the demand from those who use crystals for alternative healing practices. Dave Austin has started a company and launched a web site selling Thunder Bay amethysts. The stones, a variety of purple quartz, come from the largest amethyst mine in North America.

“Apparently the crystal healers can pick up a piece of this amethyst and they can feel an awful lot of energy coming from it – which I personally don’t feel – and they say that’s down to it having an extra amount of extra composite minerals within the rock,” Austin told CBC. “Some of the crystal healers that we’ve given it to, we actually gave them to [them] blind. We didn’t tell them where it was from or anything like that… And we’re getting very similar reports back from all of these people that it has a very high level of energy.”

The website has only been up for about a week and customers have already voiced interest in also purchasing citrine clusters from Thunder Bay. CJ