Western Canada, here we come!

The Time & Shine Jewellery Trade Show, set for July 20-21 in Edmonton, marks a pivotal moment for the jewellery industry in Western Canada. Since 2018, the region has awaited a jewellery trade event of this magnitude. Time & Shine is meeting this demand, bringing the global jewellery market directly to retailers in the West.
First Major Trade Show Since 2018: This is the first opportunity in years for Western Canadian retailers to engage directly with a vast array of suppliers and manufacturers, all under one roof.
Access to Global Trends and Products: With the absence of a local trade show in recent years, Time & Shine offers a unique opportunity to explore global jewellery trends and innovative products without the need for international travel.
Network with Industry Leaders: Establish connections with industry experts, suppliers, and peers from across the globe. These interactions provide insights into successful retail strategies and potential collaborations.
Enhance Your Market Knowledge: Benefit from targeted workshops and seminars that address the challenges and opportunities within the jewellery retail sector, offering strategies for growth and customer engagement.
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After years without a local platform for industry engagement, Time & Shine is reinvigorating the jewellery market in Western Canada. This event is not just a trade show; it’s a critical juncture for retailers aiming to refresh their offerings, gain market insights, and establish key relationships. By participating, your business will tap into the pulse of the global jewellery scene, ensuring you stay ahead in a competitive market. Don’t miss this chance to reshape your retail strategy and elevate your store’s profile. Register now to be part of this transformative event.