Time & Shine Puzzle Piece Treasure Hunt

Unveiling the Magic: The Puzzle Piece Treasure Hunt at Time & Shine
Prepare for an enchanting journey at the Time & Shine Jewellery Trade Show,

 This year, we’re transcending the ordinary with an exclusive contest designed just for you – the Puzzle Piece Treasure Hunt.

Time & Shine postcard is not just a piece of mail; it’s your ticket to win.

Here’s How It Unfolds:

Receive Your Monthly Clue: Look forward to your Time & Shine postcard each month, each pointing you towards a different participating vendor shining within our exhibitors.
On Your Quest: Bring this postcard to the designated vendor’s booth at the Time & Shine Jewelry Trade Show.
Exchange for a Piece of the Puzzle: In a magical exchange, your postcard will be transformed into a unique puzzle piece by the featured vendor. But hold onto hope and excitement—one piece is the key to a grand prize.

The Grand Prize Awaits…Amidst the array of puzzle pieces you collect, one piece is destined to complete the puzzle. If fortune favours you and you discover the winning piece, the grand prize of exceptional value will be yours.

Your Next Step:

Mark your calendar for Edmonton: July 21 -22 Toronto Aug 18-19 and set your sights on each participating vendors’ booth. This is where your journey continues—or perhaps where it begins.

We await your presence with anticipation and wish you luck on this splendid journey.