Vandenberg’s named one of North America’s coolest jewellery stores

If you’re looking for Canada’s coolest jewellery store, you don’t have to go any farther than Downtown Edmonton. 



Vandenberg’s Jewellers has been chosen by INSTORE Magazine as one of the eight winners on their list of North America’s coolest jewellery stores in the ‘Big Cool’ category. They were the only Canadian jeweller to find a place on this exclusive list.

Each year, INSTORE, a magazine focusing on the jewellery industry, selects the top retail shopping experiences for jewellery stores across the continent, grading them on not just the look of the store, but the shopping experience they provide, the web presence, social media and the extra amenities that make their store stand out from the rest.

In 2019, Manulife Place invited Ralph and his wife Lori to take up a new anchor storefront in the downtown mall, triple the size of their old location. Ralph and Lori set about creating the store of their dreams, complete with an entranceway and flooring in tones of molten copper and gold, a coffee shop, and a casting room at the front of the store that draws you in with its large windows so passersby can get a glimpse of the jewellers at work.“It wasn’t something I was expecting, but when the opportunity came, we went for it. I had the chance to build the store I always wanted, including all the little details,” says owner Ralph Vandenberg.

The opportunity to see this amazing, award-winning store is one that no one in Edmonton should pass up. Ralph, Lori, their daughter Chelsea, and the rest of the Vandenberg’s team love to welcome the curious visitor into their (now award-winning) store for a look around and an education in fine jewellery.

“What sets us apart from most stores is that, not only are we a custom house, but we also have what is likely the biggest assortment of fine jewellery in the province. We have a wide assortment of gemstones, even some that many people have never heard of, such as tsavorite garnets or sunstone feldspar. Some of these are priced much lower than you would expect compared to more popular stones, like emeralds or rubies,” says Vandenberg.

To see some of these beautiful gems, click over to for the Virtual Vandenberg’s Tour. This shoppable tour not only allows you to see the incredible design of the store itself, including the jeweller’s work stations, but as you click through the store, you can view the complete inventory of each display case by stone type and complete your purchase online.

The best way to experience Vandenberg’s, however, is to visit in-person. Ralph and staff are happy to give personal factory tours to visitors whenever the store is open, and it’s well worth a visit to see the complete process of how a piece of jewellery is made.

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