Why Us?


Unparalleled Customer Service: Our inside sales & refining support team are available for any questions. Our outside sales team travels all over the world to meet with our customers.

We’re just a call away.

• Superior Technical Expertise: Our team of metallurgists is on hand to help troubleshoot your production issues via our tech support hotline.

• Quality: We set the standard for jewelry products. Ourproducts can be found in the largest jewelry manufacturing facilities around the world. Jewelry Alloys • Karated Grain • Cadmium-Free Solders Sheet & Plate • Wire & Sizing Stock • Bullion

• Accurate Refining Results: Our sophisticated in-house analytical laboratories are trusted by the largestmanufacturers in the world. Our labs provide quality checks for products including karat verification, plating thickness tests & more. That same lab tests & verifies each refining lot that comes through our facility.