Winner of the Canadian Gemmological Association’s Diamond Award Announced

The Canadian Gemmological Association (CGA) announced today the winner of their Diamond Award for excellence in gemmology.



Richard Drucker will be awarded the highest honour of Canadian Gemmology at the CGA conference in Vancouver, on October 26, 2019. This is the second time the CGA hasawardedthe Diamond award! For information about attending the presentation please visit the CGA website

Richard’s contributions to gemmology in Canada have been long standing,” said Donna Hawrelko, President of the CGA. “He has greatly supported our efforts in educating and supporting students and gemmologists across the country.”

As a third generation in the jewellery industry, Mr. Drucker began a pricing publication in 1982, now known as the “GemGuide”. This publication is used in more than 40 countries, and is the industry leader in gem pricing and market information. In 2002, he became the owner of Gem Guide Appraisal Software. In 2014, Richard co-developed the “World of Color” nomenclature and grading system for colored Gemstones.

In 2006, Mr. Drucker was bestowed the Antonio C. Bonanno Excellence in Gemology industry award. In 2012 he was awarded honorary fellowship in the Gemmological Association of Great Britain (FGA). Mr. Drucker now serves as publisher, appraiser, consultant, lecturer and author, to the industry. He has hosted several international gemmological conferences bringing gemmologists, jewellers and appraisers together from around the world.

Mr. Richard Drucker will be in Vancouver on October 26, 2019 to receive his award in person, and will be honouring delegates with a presentation on “Valuing Challenging Diamonds and Gems”.

“The CGA would like to congratulate Richard and the other nominated candidates,” said Ms. Hawrelko. “We are very fortunate to have such a high caliber of nominees, and it really attests to the outstanding level of commitment and passion that is felt for gemmology, not only in Canada, but worldwide.”

About the CGA
Founded in 1958, The Canadian Gemmological Association is a professional organization that has set the standard for excellence in the science and study of gemmology in Canada. CGA courses provide training for gem and jewellery industry professionals and enthusiasts alike. The professional diploma (FCGmA) program is recognized worldwide. The CGA represents its members in liaison with government in developing guidelines for the sale and marketing of diamonds, coloured gemstones and pearls, and in the establishment of guidelines for gem and jewellery appraising in Canada.

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