World Diamond Mark launches innovative diamond campaign


The World Diamond Mark (WDM) has created a new diamond campaign to promote the national diamond trade.


The campaign, called “Part of You,” uses human stories to sell diamonds. In the promotional materials, individuals from different ethnic backgrounds are seen sporting diamond jewellery, including the likes of a bearded bagpipe player, various celebrities, and a spunky punk-rocker.


Along with these materials, the WDM has launched, which features diamond-related stories from celebrities, designers, and average consumers.
The WDM was launched in 2012 by The World Federation of Diamond Bourses with the aim to market diamonds to the general public. It offers services to WDM-authorized diamond dealers, including brand promotion, digital marketing, and staff training. It also promotes the natural diamond trade by forbidding member retailers to sell mined and synthetic diamonds in the same store.

“The launch of the website, and with it the ‘Part of You’ campaign, is the first highly visible step the diamond industry and trade is taking with diamond promotion in the public realm, [setting] the tone for the midstream industry’s active involvement in promoting and marketing diamonds to the end-consumer,” says Krisztina Kalman-Schueler, program director for the WDM. “No retailer will sell a diamond by just talking about the four C’s. Diamonds need stories customers can get excited about.”