This Year Ecommerce Sales Will Hike Up To $1.915 Trillion

Business graph with arrows tending downwards
Business graph with arrows tending downwards

In 2016, total retail sails across the globe will increase 6.0 per cent to 22.049 trillion and retail sails are expected to take up 8.7 per cent of the total, with $1.915 trillion in 2016 as well.

Sales through digital platforms are seeing a consistent increase with 23.7 per cent growth rate forecast for 2016 and taking up 14.6 per cent of total retail sales by 2020.

As companies work to improve their logistics and infrastructure, ecommerce sales will continue to see more popularity. A large portion of ecommerce sales are expected to come from China, who is responsible for 47.0 per cent of sales worldwide this year and while North America is at 15.6 percent.