Yorkdale Mall emerges as top retailer destination


Toronto’s Yorkdale Shopping Centre was picked as the top destination by more than a third of foreign retailers entering Canada last year, according to Retail Insider. Yorkdale Mall has expansion plans for 300,000 square feet of new space to include the Nordstrom department store to grace the Greater Toronto Area, set to open in 2016. Other stores that will be featured include Telsa Motors, Kate Spade and Mulberry.

“From the inexpensive to luxurious, Yorkdale has been Canada’s entry point for many foreign retailers for a number of years,” says the Retail Insider report. Sales for Yorkdale Mall indicate that it may become North America’s top-selling mall in the near future, surpassing $1 billion between June 2012 and May 2013. Annual sales estimates are $2 billion for 2018, with a new 191,000 square foot Nordstrom store to take place alongside a new 110,000 square foot retail wing. There are also plans to replace the former Sears store with more retail and at least two new anchor stores. CJ