5 Reasons why jewellers and appraisers are choosing Instappraise to create professional jewellery appraisals



1. Save time while increasing quality

Instappraise is fast, easy to use and available on all devices from anywhere in the world.

The step-by-step process allows users to complete detailed and professional-looking appraisals in record time. No shortcuts, no compromise.

> Getting started is fast too!

(No commitment or credit card is required. No download, no installation.)

2. Modern, fresh, comprehensive, and easy-to-use

The cloud-based platform offers you and your team members a clean and modern user interface that is pleasant and easy to use and effortless to learn.

Instappraise walks you through all the core elements needed on a professional appraisal, including item descriptions, diamonds (including plotting), gemstones, watches, pictures, pricing and more!

3. Appraisals look professional & personalized

Instappraise offers multiple designs and customization options so you can personalize the look of your appraisals.

Want something more unique? Let our team create a custom appraisal template at no additional cost!

Your custom template will be unique and focus on your brand.

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4. Integrated with IDEX, GemGuide, GIA and more!

  • Import diamond information directly from the GIA and AGS databases and attach Grading Reports to your appraisals in under 10 seconds! (We’re not kidding!)

  • Connect your IDEX Premium account for fast and easy access to diamond market prices.
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  • Connect your GemGuide account for fast and easy access to diamond and gemstone prices.
  • Pricing integrations also available with the Rapaport Price List and Gemval.
  • Real-time precious metal prices and currency exchange rates included with your account

5. Customer Service is a top priority

As an innovative, industry-leading tech startup, we pride ourselves on developing the best possible solution. But that’s not all. We strongly believe in impeccable, flexible customer service. Our motto is simple:

Treating jewellers the way they treat their customers.

Whether you are having technical difficulties or having questions regarding an appraisal, our team is accessible via phone, text, email, or support ticket at any time!

6. BONUS: It’s more affordable than ever! (10% OFF)

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5-Star Reviews“Recently did appraisals using Instappraise and the jeweller I subcontract for said they are the most professional he had ever seen in his 36 years in the industry.”

– S. Martin Rowe, G.G. (GIA), The Leake Co.


All-In-One Appraisal Solution

  • Perfect for Retail Jewelers or Independent Appraisers.
  • Appraisals of all types: Insurance, Estate and many more.
  • Pricing integration with GemGuide, Rapaport & IDEX.
  • Built-in Photo Editor and 360° Video support.
  • Multi-Item Appraisal Reports.
  • Can be used for NAJA and/or USPAP-Compliant Reports.
  • Professional Jewelry Quotes to close more deals.
  • Paper & Digital documents for easy distribution.
  • Unlimited Staff Training.
  • Unlimited Tech & Customer Support.
  • And so much more!


Detailed editors that simplify and speed up your workflow without sacrificing appraisal quality and accuracy: Diamonds, Gemstones, Pearls, Watches & more.

Have questions or concerns? Let us give you a tour!

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About Instappraise:
Instappraise is a cloud-based jewelry appraisal software and management platform designed for jewellers, gemologists, pawnbrokers, appraisers, and other jewelry industry professionals. A cloud-based, mobile-friendly platform available on all modern web browsers, it’s the ultimate productivity tool for jewelry industry professionals, enabling them to offer an improved customer experience and get more done in less time.
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