AGTA Spectrum Awards recognize Canadians


Launched in 1984, the AGTA Spectrum Awards™ honours, recognizes and promotes designers whose work utilizes natural coloured gemstones and cultured pearls in finished fine jewellery design.

The most recent edition saw Andrew Costen of Costen Catbalue in Vancouver land the title of Best Use of Platinum and Colour for his platinum ‘Symphony of Colour’ bracelet, which featured a green tourmaline, yellow zircon, an indicolite tourmaline, and a rubellite tourmaline accented with diamonds.

Llyn L. Strelau of Calgary won second place for his ‘Paddle Your Own Canoe’ reversible cufflinks in the Men’s Wear category. The cufflinks were set in yellow and white gold and featured carved black onyx and rock crystal, accented with black and white South Sea keshi pearls and diamonds.

Ralph Wobito of Wobito Gems in Stouffville, Ont., won in the Cutting Edge Awards category for his perfume bottle that featured topaz and diaspore.