Amazon’s Prime Day celebrating 20th anniversary sees 80% sales increase


According to ChannelAdvisor, third-party sellers on Amazon saw sales increases of 80 per cent year-over-year on the company’s first-ever Prime Day.

The event took place on July 15 in honour of Amazon’s 20th anniversary. Amazon claimed that the day’s offers would rival those of Black Friday, boasting a vast amount of sale items and thousands of deals.

Despite this, the day’s big story took place on Twitter, as customers poked fun and expressed frustration at some of the deals on offer. This fuelled hashtags like #UnhappyPrimeDay, #AmazonFail, #Primedayfail and #AmazonSucks, the latter of which briefly became a Twitter trending topic. Complaints were a mixture of people being underwhelmed by the offers and expressing annoyance over technical difficulties and sold-out items. CJ