Best Bargains new marketing tool designed especially for retailers


Canadian jewellery designer and manufacturer Best Bargains has unveiled a fresh new marketing tactic that includes a Social Media Marketing Kit specifically designed for its retailers. The kit is conveniently available on a small USB card.

“It’s easy to use and we’re hoping other people in the industry follow suit,” says Anita Agrawal, CEO of Best Bargains. “It’s a time-, money-, and cost-saving way to provide better customer service to our clients.”

The USBs contain an archive of over 700 jewellery photos from the Best Bargains jewellery collection, which includes branded lines like Jewels 4 Ever and Jewels by Anita.

“What better way to service 20,000 small business clients that don’t have the capacity, the budget or the manpower to take these photographs, than just to place them on a USB ourselves?” explains Agrawal. “[The retailers] can use it for their social media and they can put this product right on their website without even having to keep it in stock. Then, we can ship it out overnight, because we stock everything featured on the USB.”

The first batch of the marketing kit will be officially distributed at the upcoming CJ Expos shows. CJ