Bric Jewels begins production of calibrated blue sapphires and Burmese rubies


This month, Bric Jewels Co., Ltd. began the production of calibrated blue sapphires and Burmese rubies at its new manufacturing plant in Thailand. The opening of this new factory is excellent news for the jewellery industry, which has recently been suffering from shortages in the supply of rough gems.

“During a very tough period for the mining and manufacturing industry with many production challenges, it is deeply gratifying to see everyone’s hard work materialize and for Bric Jewels’ worldwide customers to see manufacturing start,” says Patcharee Loetudomkitphaisan, Bric’s president and CEO.

Bric Jewels caters to jewellery manufacturers, wholesalers, exporters, retailers, traders and individuals looking for quality calibrated gemstones from 0.5 to 3 carats in size. Their quality sapphires are mined in Australia, Cambodia, Laos, China, Vietnam, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Cameroon, Tanzania and Thailand, while their fine rubies are mined in Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand and Mozambique.

Naresh Prakash Sharma, Marketing Director of Bric Jewels Co., Ltd, adds that the new plant will be “one of the most advanced coloured gemstone manufacturing plants in the world.”

Attendees of the June Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair will be able to see the newly manufactured calibrated blue sapphires and Burmese rubies at booth no. 5M314. There, the company will be exhibiting a variety of shapes—including oval, round, pear, square and marquise—and sizes—4mm x 3mm to 10mm x 8mm for oval and pear shapes and 1.00mm to 6mm for round and square.

For more information on the company, visit its website here.