Should your business be selling on Amazon?


With its undeniable dominance in the e-commerce industry, Amazon is a major competitor for independent jewellers and manufacturers alike. This begs the age-old question: if you can’t beat ‘em, should you join ‘em instead?


Rather than looking at Amazon as the enemy, some jewellery businesses have chosen to make the e-tailer their ally. Going this route allows products to be viewed—and hopefully, purchased—by Amazon’s 300 million users internationally.


A recent webinar held by CPC Strategy, experts in e-commerce, discussed the ways in which potential sellers can amp up their Amazon sales—or enter into the category. During the panel, experts discussed the following necessities for Amazon sellers:

  1. Optimizing keywords. Content optimization increases visibility and potential sales. Product names must include as much detail as possible, including relevant specs, colouring, and material information.
  2. A good Amazon store mimicks the bricks-and-mortar retail experience as much as possible. This means that product descriptions must be well-written, and visually appealing images of the products should be included.


However, there is a very troubling issue occurring on Amazon today: the potential existence of copycat sellers. As of now, Amazon’s seller verification system is flawed, meaning that anyone can register to sell product on Amazon’s third-party marketplace (Amazon 3P). This means that through Amazon 3P, anyone can register to sell new, used, or counterfeit products from other designers.


Despite this setbacks, the high usage and consumer-trusted nature of Amazon does allow brands to gain some exposure—and possibly drive sales. As such, before working with the e-tailer, ensure that you really do your research, properly weighing the pros and cons of the potential partnership.