Canadian diamond moguls debut lab-grown line at Baselworld


Judith Lockwood and Gary Wroe, the directors behind Canadian diamond company Arctic Circle Diamonds, debuted a new lab-grown jewellery brand at Baselworld. The line, called The Promise of Created Elegance, showcases a range of Fairtrade designs by British jeweller Sarah Jordan.

“Within the range, we have a beautiful series of rings that flow and sit and stack together—we have stacking bangles as well,” Lockwood said in an introductory video launched by the brand, which also sells necklaces and earrings. “Everything is about the design and enhancing the beauty of the stone.”

Launched in February, the collection features the use of lab-grown diamonds from Antwerp-based company Madestones. It includes pink, yellow, cognac and blue stones set in 18-carat Fairtrade yellow, rose and white gold designs.

“We feel that the person who’s going to really love and enjoy this jewellery has something a little bit special about themselves,” says Lockwood. “They have a bit of attitude, they’re a little bit independent, and they’re a little bit out there.”