Crescendo Jewellery

by Joanne M. Brathwaite




With a new website, new designs and a focus on customers first, Crescendo Jewellery is soaring to new heights.

Crescendo Jewellery Inc. is a third-generation jewellery manufacturer tucked away in a small industrial-business area in the east end of Toronto, and owned and operated by partners Matt Rudin and David Reuben. David is a Graduate Gemmologist with over 20 years of industry experience, while Matt has a background in marketing. Both have familial ties to the business. 

As a partnership, the duo cite their management styles, strengths and similar visions for the company (originally started as Siffari in 1941), as the keys to honouring the 70-year-old company’s tradition of design, quality and service.

“I’d say we do have very similar work ethics and a similar view of where we see the industry, our company, and its place in it,” says David referring to how they split their daily duties. “We are both very focused, and we complement each other very nicely.”

“Essentially, in terms of roles and what we do — we both do everything,” adds Matt. 

And one of the things Crescendo does very well is custom design and manufacture. David is proud to point out that the company is 100 per cent Canadian in virtually every aspect of its business. “It’s one thing we’re really proud of, “ he says. “Of course, we’re not the only ones who do it, but we make everything in Canada.”

Their extensive product line of over 10,000 styles includes engagement rings; wedding bands, men’s and ladies stone rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets, as well as men’s accessories. The entire selection is available in 10k, 14k and 18k gold as well as platinum.

In terms of design, the only limit is the customer’s imagination. “We offer an incredible level of customization to our customers, whether it’s custom pieces from scratch or altering existing pieces in our line,” David explains. “Whether it’s an art deco piece, or filigreed, we cover all bases. Our line is quite large, and we try to cover most design motifs out there. It’s rare for someone to say, ‘You don’t have what I’m looking for’ — and if we don’t, we can certainly make it for them.”

Matt reveals that the company recently made their products available to their retail clients online -— an exciting development that means Crescendo’s retail clients in Canada and the United States are able to price out their products in retail dollars on the website and work with the images online to sell to their customers.

“It’s an online catalogue that they can use to sell which is a really nice. They really appreciate that we have that element to the website. It gives them a greater inventory in a sense,” he says.

Because Crescendo does all of its designs and manufacture in-house, it gives them the opportunity to release new pieces into the line both seasonally and when the timing is right. The partners allude to the impending release of a new addition to Crescendo’s collection, yet are reticent to reveal too much. Matt does admit that, “we’re very excited about the new collection coming out. Design-wise it’s going to be something different from what we had in the past — and we’re expecting it to do quite well. We’re launching somewhat of a brand-new category.”

Crescendo’s company structure allows them to accommodate the growing needs of retailers by offering custom or CAD work. “In addition to a stock order, our customers are buying special orders or customized pieces. Our consumers know what they want, and we make it easy for our retailers to sell Crescendo products.”

Their emphasis on delivering the personal touch will help carry the company successfully into the future. “We’re in constant contact with our customers,” says Matt. “It’s a great opportunity for us to be able to communicate to them what we’re doing and how we’re doing it.”

David adds that personally answering the phones only strengthens the close relationships Crescendo shares with its clients. “It enables us to have a close connection with our retailers. I think we have a much better understanding of what they want because of it.”

With a roster of happy clients and a positive work environment goes a long way to ensuring Crescendo’s success, says David. “A positive work culture and environment extends to the product. We want our retailers to be happy. It makes us proud to know that we have quality products, made in Canada — ones that the retailer can sell with confidence.” CJ

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