Ti Sento Milano



Ti Sento Milano celebrates ten years of dazzling momentum and award-winning style.

by Nicole Fotheringham

Owned by IBB Amsterdam, Ti Sento Milano is a manufacturer of luxurious and affordable silver jewellery. Releasing two product lines annually and managing distribution in 30 countries worldwide, the producers of this award-winning brand have enjoyed a boom of growth in recent years. Ti Sento Milano is on trend and in demand now, more than ever.

Launched in 2003, Ti Sento’s original inspiration was to create modern, free-spirited, feminine jewellery using rich colours and European elegance. The Ti Sento woman is feminine, chic and fashionable; she combines pieces to create personalized looks that help make her feel beautiful and desirable. Although the brand has evolved over time, it still maintains its playful attitude. 

What makes this dazzling silver line unique? According to Ti Sento marketing representative Carine Van Eijden, “one of the key success factors of the collection is the superior quality, with the main distinction being the handset stones that are similar to the production methods from high-end jewellery.” 

Made exclusively from sterling silver, Ti Sento’s quality handcrafted rings, wrist-wear, necklaces and earrings are forged using the finest materials and the highest quality manufacturing techniques. No glue is allowed, and skilled diamond setters place and set each cubic stone by hand. Once completed, pieces are rhodium-plated, to strengthen the silver and create a bold and romantic sheen. 

Because the company’s driving principle is to create an individual piece for every “Ti Sento woman,” all lines feature an array of shapes, sizes and colours with styles ranging from extravagant statement pieces to everyday drop-earrings. Pave bangles and beaded bracelets are built to be stacked or worn separately. The brand’s “Mix & Match” principle delivers a versatility that allows the wearer to combine pieces and create an individualized look. 

This year, Ti Sento Milano celebrates its 10th anniversary. Marking the occasion is the Portofino collection: a love letter to the sunshine, beaches and scenery of the Mediterranean seaside town. “It was by this little Italian village, Portofino, which screams luxury and style, where our designers felt truly inspired and wanted to share their experience with customers by creating this feel-good collection,” says Van Eijden.  

Influenced by peachy pastels, ocean greens, perfect whites and smooth caramels, the 550-piece Portofino collection is all about feeling beautiful and embracing what Van Eijden calls, with intentional reference to Fellini, “La Dolce Vita.” Cabochon and faceted cat’s eye stones are blended with rose gold and traditional gold-coloured details in several designs within each of Portofino’s four ranges: Champagne, Jet Set, Riva and Porto di Portofino.

Two-time winner of the prestigious UK Jewellery Awards Retail Brand of the Year (2010 and 2011), Ti Sento Milano is on track to becoming a global leader in the silver fashion jewellery market. Recipients of this prize are scored for achievements in design, client service and marketing by industry buyers and retailers who truly understand the brand and its customers. 

With distributors in Europe, Australia, South Africa and North America, the brand’s commitment to working closely with retailers to provide great customer service is more important than ever. Battista Di Gennaro, owner of A Passion for Living — a small chain of home, gift and fashion stores in Ontario and official Ti Sento Milano retailer — has been bringing the brand to customers since October 2012. Impressed by the quality, design and new releases twice a year, Di Gennaro believes the elegant and classic line upholds a Passion for Living’s value of always looking one’s best. “We already have customers coming back to buy more. The branding is extremely appealing. Twice a year they change the display look and colours, which is a genius marketing technique because the merchandise always looks new and keeps the customer excited for the brand.”

Providing in-store marketing material to ensure clients are fully educated and informed, Ti Sento works with individual retailers to ensure the brand’s success. According to Mr. Di Gennaro, “Ti Sento Milano is a hands-on type of company; they go the extra mile to ensure the retailer is fully educated on their brand.”

The Ti Sento Milano team in the Netherlands says,“Ten years of Ti Sento made a mark in the trade. The silver jewellery industry has grown tremendously since 2003. Now, Ti Sento is ready to shake up the industry once more, by adding a completely new twist to the collection.” CJ