Curating Colour


Canadian fashion icon and television pioneer Jeanne Beker steps into the world of coloured diamonds with JSN Jewellery

By Irina Lytchak

Jeanne Beker is no stranger to the world of fashion. And, when it comes to her own wardrobe, she—like many famed style icons—is known for her affinity toward polished, contemporary and all-black pieces.

However, that didn’t stop the author and television personality from taking on the role of Brand Ambassador—or as she prefers to be called, Brand Curator—for Colour Couture, JSN Jewellery’s latest line of coloured diamond jewellery.

“A lot of people in fashion, a lot of editors, wear black because it just seems more neutral, and it’s less committal,” says Beker. “However, with the jewellery, that’s how you can really change it up. How gorgeous does coloured jewellery look with something black?”

A World of Colour

As far as first impressions go, Beker was blown away by the jewellery in the Colour Couture collection when she was first introduced to JSN, one of Canada’s top jewellery manufacturers, and the people behind the design and production process.

“I thought the product was so beautiful and unusual,” she recalls. “I know coloured diamonds have been around for a while, and I personally haven’t been exposed to them. But truth be told, I’ve always had a real penchant for that delicate type of jewellery.”

Having been curating her own lines of clothing, accessories, costume jewellery, sunglasses and shoes for years, Beker was the brand’s go-to woman for expertise in selecting pieces that would truly resonate with its consumers.

“I’ve been inspired by the runways of the world for the past three decades now, and to be able to bring that level of aesthetic home in this way is really quite a thrill,” adds Beker. “This line is for a woman who is very tapped into high fashion and has a refined and sophisticated sense of style. There is a great delicacy to it, so I think it’s for any woman that appreciates femininity and has a sense of fashion, with a capital ‘F.’”

Through Beker’s eye for style and detail, the new collection has been meticulously designed to carry an eclectic mix of coloured diamond pieces that range from being modern and edgy to romantic and whimsical.

“I love this jewellery because I think that many pieces are great conversation pieces, and in many cases great conversation starters,” says Beker. “They represent the ultimate in romance and we’re looking to bring even more imagination and a real uniqueness into the collection.”

Strategic Partnership

As the new face of Colour Couture, Beker relied on the people at JSN Jewellery to convey to her what their customer is looking for.

“I worked with them to come up with something that I’m going to wear and something that I’m going to want,” she says. “It’s jewellery that’s really desirable and palatable to me and hopefully, it will resonate with the consumer.”

After working with numerous stylists and designers on various projects, Beker has gained an incredible skill for selecting and creating product that genuinely engages with its wearer.

“I’ve long said that fashion is what you’re offered and there is so much fashion around,” notes Beker. “But true style is what you choose. Just as I choose these various things to be in my collections, the consumer at home chooses various things to be in her collection, whether it’s in her own personal wardrobe or in her jewellery box.”

Colour Couture is sold exclusively at Ben Moss Jewellers throughout Canada and will launch internationally in 2016. CJ


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