Emerging artist displays jewellery in solo exhibition


Emerging artist and Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University graduate Lydia Buxton’s work is being exhibited at the L.A. Pai Gallery in Ottawa. The exhibition, called The Gardens We Carry, will open on July 31 and be sponsored by Arts Nova Scotia. Buxton describes her abstracted series as a journey to capture the emotive and personal qualities of a garden.

“The gardens of our youth leave permanent imagery,” she says in her artist’s statement. “This body of work is based on those memories — distant and defined — that continue to link us to our earliest experiences of cultivated spaces. I play with places perceived and remembered, of shifting memory and sensory cues. … I create wearable objects, tactile reminders that bring the garden past into the daily present.”

Buxton was presented with the opportunity to exhibit her work after she won the National Jewellery Student Competition last year. She works on her jewellery at her studio in Halifax and continues to be featured in various national and international exhibitions. CJ