North Arrow to drill for diamonds for new project


North Arrow Minerals will be collaborating with partner Arctic Star Exploration on a project set in the Lac de Gras diamond district. The Lac de Gras area features three of the largest diamond mines in the world, which are Dominion’s Ekati, Rio Tinto’s Diavik, and De Beers’ Snap Lake. North Arrow has previously discovered the Diavik Diamond Mine that was 32 kilometres away from where the drilling for the new project, called Redemption, will take place.

“The exciting thing about Redemption…in looking for a new diamond deposit near Diavik is yes, you already know you’re in the right area geologically; the rocks have been proven, but the other thing is you don’t have to find another Diavik,” a representative from North Arrow told the Financial Press. “You have the existing mine infrastructure nearby already. You don’t necessarily have to find a standalone mine. This has a real impact on lowering your threshold for a new discovery.” CJ