Fancy Color Research Foundation debuts with pricing Index


The Fancy Color Research Foundation (FCRF) has been unveiled along with a new pricing index. Initiated by Eden Rachminov, the author of The Fancy Color Diamond Book and winner of the NCDIA education award, the FCRF is a new research body that monitors the economic value and ethicality of the fancy colour diamond industry for consumers and traders.
Going forward, a reputable board of advisors will be overlooking the proceedings of the FRCF.

Membership of the FCRF is open to retailers, auction houses, wholesale traders/manufacturers, financial institutions, insurance appraisers and mining companies. Members of the FRCF have access to the Index. To apply for FRCF membership, visit

The FCRF has also unveiled its price trend index, which is the first to measure the incremental value of fancy colour diamonds since 2005. The Fancy Color Diamond Index (The Index) shows that fancy colour diamonds, which mainly include yellow, pink, and blue diamonds, have been delivering consistent price increases since that time. The consistent growth in values is a reflection of the changing dynamics of global wealth.

The Index has been developed by the FCRF using tens of thousands of fancy colour diamond transactions since 2005 and it will be updated every quarter. CJ