Grand Seiko Unveils Three U.S. Exclusive Watches – A Nod to the Iconic 44GS Design

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In a tribute to the enduring legacy of designer Taro Tanaka, Grand Seiko has released three new watches exclusive to the U.S. market, each a contemporary homage to the ‘Grammar of Design’ principles established in 1959. These principles have shaped the Grand Seiko Style, culminating in the creation of the 44GS in 1967, a model renowned for its distinctive case shape and the caliber 4420 movement.

Grand Seiko celebrates this heritage with the introduction of three new 44GS editions, available only in the United States. These timepieces are not just watches; they are pieces of history, encapsulating over five decades of watchmaking excellence.

The new models retain the classic 36.5mm case size, now presented in stainless steel with the signature box-shaped crystal reminiscent of the original 1967 design. What sets these watches apart are their dials, each featuring Grand Seiko’s signature Mount Iwate pattern, a tribute to the majestic natural landmark that looms over Grand Seiko’s Studio Shizukuishi.

The colorways are a testament to Grand Seiko’s attention to detail and cultural heritage: the pink SBGW313 echoes the cherry blossoms of spring, the green SBGW311 reflects the verdant tones of the early summer rainy season, and the blue SBGW309 captures the icy beauty of winter’s ‘snow monsters’. Each watch is powered by the manual-wind caliber 9S64 and is priced at $5,900.

Availability is as unique as the watches themselves: the pink “Hanami” SBGW313 and the green “Tsyu” SBGW311 will be offered at Grand Seiko boutiques and authorized retailers, while the blue “Juhyo” SBGW309 is an exclusive offering for members of the GS9 Club in the U.S.