H&R Design Jewellery Ltd. Acquires Max Strauss Signature Collection®


A Strategic Merger of Tradition and Innovation in the Canadian Jewellery Industry

In a significant development that marks a new chapter in the Canadian jewellery industry, H&R Design Jewellery Ltd., spearheaded by the entrepreneurial Libarian brothers, Jack and Raffi, has officially acquired the Max Strauss Signature Collection® from B&S (Canada) Inc. This strategic acquisition not only signifies the coming together of two storied brands but also sets the stage for a future where tradition meets innovation in the realm of high-quality jewellery.

A Legacy Merges with Visionary Craftsmanship

The Max Strauss Signature Collection®, celebrated for its bestselling Designer Series and honored with the Canadian Jeweller Magazine’s Product Line of the Year Award, now joins the esteemed portfolio of H&R Design Jewellery Ltd. This move is emblematic of a shared ethos between the two companies: a commitment to crafting fine, elegant jewellery pieces from the highest quality materials, coupled with a dedication to delivering exceptional customer service and support.

Jack Libarian, reflecting on the acquisition, shared, “Joining forces with B&S (Canada) Inc., a company renowned for its reliability and trust within the Canadian jewellery industry, is a thrilling opportunity for us. We are eager to uphold and build upon this legacy of excellence.”

Raffi Libarian added to the sentiment, highlighting the synergistic nature of this union, “Both companies have always prioritized fine craftsmanship and superior customer experience. This acquisition is a natural fit that promises to enhance our offerings and service.”

Celebrating a Distinguished Legacy

Adom Knadjian, the founder of B&S (Canada) Inc., has chosen this moment to retire, leaving behind a legacy of excellence after 44 years in the jewellery industry. His career has been distinguished by numerous awards, including the Erol Paylan Lifetime Achievement Award from the Canadian Jewellers Association in October 2023. “Our core mission has been to foster strong client relationships. It’s gratifying to see a vibrant, family-owned Canadian company like H&R Design Jewellery take the reins and integrate our beloved collections with their distinguished LIBAR brand,” Knadjian remarked.

Charting a Future of Growth and Innovation

With this acquisition, H&R Design Jewellery Ltd. is poised to infuse the Max Strauss Signature Collection® with its distinctive design sensibility, ensuring the brand’s legacy continues to flourish. This strategic initiative is aimed at expanding and enhancing the collection, promising a bright future for both the collection and the company.

About B&S (Canada) Inc.:

Founded in 1979, B&S (Canada) Inc. has been a cornerstone of the Canadian jewellery market, specializing in loose diamonds and fine jewellery. The Max Strauss Signature Collection® has stood as a testament to the company’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, earning it a bestseller status and numerous industry accolades. As it embarks on a new journey under the stewardship of H&R Design Jewellery Ltd., the brand is set to continue its legacy of excellence.

About H&R Design Jewellery Ltd.:

Established in 1994 in Toronto by the Libarian brothers, H&R Design Jewellery Ltd. has carved a niche as a leading designer, manufacturer, and distributor of fine and custom jewellery. Renowned for its LIBAR brand, the company emphasizes quality diamonds, gemstones, and precious metals. A fixture at jewellery trade shows across Canada and a member of the Canadian Jewellery Group since 2020, H&R Design Jewellery Ltd. is on a mission to broaden its brand presence nationwide. The acquisition of the Max Strauss Signature Collection® represents a significant milestone in the company’s growth trajectory, underscoring its commitment to excellence in the Canadian jewellery industry.

The acquisition of the Max Strauss Signature Collection® by H&R Design Jewellery Ltd. represents not just a strategic business move but a blending of legacies that promises to redefine the standards of quality and craftsmanship in the Canadian jewellery industry. As these two iconic brands unite, the sector looks forward to a future filled with innovation, excellence, and unparalleled elegance, setting a new benchmark for luxury jewellery in Canada.