Iconic Nash Jewellers store to leave downtown London


Nash Jewellers will be closing its iconic Dundas St. store in London, Ontario after 97 years of business. Colin Nash, the store’s owner, has sold the location to Mike Manuel of the London Music Hall, who plans to turn the building into a music incubator.

Nash plans to merge the closing shop with the brand’s north-end London location. The move will take place mid-2016.

“The retail aspect [of downtown] is something of the past,” says Manuel, who sees music and the arts as the future hallmark of London. To pay homage to the great retailer’s legacy and history, however, Manuel has decided to keep the cases and the floor of Nash Jewellers intact.

“We would never have done what we’re doing now if we didn’t have the new buyer,” says Nash. “It’s not something we took lightly or did quickly. Knowing Mike’s moving in here, retaining our heritage and culture is amazing. We couldn’t ask for a better blessing than this.” CJ