IDE Presidents’ Meeting to address competitive position of diamonds in luxury markets


Frank Müller, a renowned international luxury marketing consultant, has been invited to carry out the theme presentation of the 2015 Presidents’ Meeting. The event, which is co-hosted and co-organized by the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) and the Israel Diamond Manufacturers Association (IsDMA), will address the most pressing issues facing the global diamond industry.

Müller’s presentation will speak to the competitive challenges that the diamond and diamond jewellery markets are confronting in today’s global luxury consumer product market. Müller says he is excited to be discussing these issues, suggesting that the consumer market for luxury products “will continue to grow [worldwide],” with a spending power of potentially trillions of dollars. “This bodes well for diamonds, too,” he continues, “provided the diamond industry and retail jewellery sector invest focused efforts in enhancing the desirability of diamonds among consumers.”

Shmuel Schnitzer, president of the IDE, says he is pleased to host Mr. Müller as the event’s theme speaker. “Diamond and diamond jewellery marketing is at the core of our industry’s growth and success,” he says. “We look forward to hearing Mr. Müller’s views on what is needed to make our product more desirable to consumers worldwide.” CJ