Instagram advertising shows strong potential for luxury brands


According to a recent report by L2, a New York-based digital education firm, Instagram’s powerful advertising capabilities may easily be harnessed by any luxury brand to use for its own advantage.

Over the past two years, the digital platform has introduced a variety of in-app advertising methods for companies to use, including carousel ads and videos. Within the next year, Instagram also plans to expand its video program and increase its ecommerce capabilities, further contributing to the growth of the platform as it appeals to advertisers and users alike.

Instagram advertising has shown to be very effective, with ad content placed on the site showing a recall rate 2.8 times higher than that of average online advertisements. Moreover, it is likely that this method will continue to be impactful due to the increasing number of users that are flocking to the platform; according to L2’s report, nearly 3 million teens in the United States abandoned Facebook in favor of Instagram between 2011 and 2014.

For luxury retailers looking to better connect with their consumers, this solidifies the image-sharing platform as the most important social network. CJ