Jewellers’ Ball 2018

Jewellers’ Ball 2018

M.C. Ellis, President and CJA founding board in 1918 would have been extremely proud to hear about the magnificent celebration of CJA’s Centenary on Saturday, April 28, 2018, at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Kudos to Gail Golberg, Kevin Kaye and Sheri Idhe of the Gala Committee for holding this very special Jewellers’ Gala at the AGO.

There are so many similarities between fine jewellery and fine art that made this gathering even more eclectic and unique.

I am confident that everyone in attendance appreciated the venue, the delicious dinner as well as an interesting programme for the evening, especially with Robert Pilon of ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ and ‘Les Miserables’ fame who performed three fabulous songs with his powerful and amazing voice, and the choir in the background for his last piece. The Festival String Quartet provided classical music during the reception and at the dinner which was ‘classy’ as some would say.

The mayor of Toronto, His Worship John Tory made a wonderful impromptu speech personalized for the jewellery industry, in what started as a very tragic week for Toronto which was remembered at the start of the event.

Pierre Akkelian made his address on behalf of past CJA Presidents and Chairmen, summarizing 100 years of historical facts, stories and anecdotes relating to our noble industry.

Above everything else it was the friendship, camaraderie and fellowship that made this 100th anniversary dinner a major success.

Three cheers to the CJA Board, the Gala committee and the CJA General Manager and staff for making this historic celebration enjoyable, entertaining and of course a memorable one!

Adom A. Knadjian
CJA Member since 1980

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